LED Ceiling Lamp Powered by Mobile Phone Charger

A few months ago i developed a fascination for LED lights, so when i came across a discarded ceiling lamp headed for the skip, i took the opportunity to embark on a new project: A 5W LED ceiling lamp powered by a mobile phone charger unit.

What i used:

  • An old ceiling lamp casing
  • An old mobile phone charger (Output 5V DC, 1000mA current)
  • 100 x brand new Ultra Bright Straw Hat LEDs (5mm length, 2mA current, 3V Dc Forward Voltage)
  • A heat resistant sheet/board cut to fit into ceiling lamp casing
  •  A free ceiling rose circuit point


Outcome: Relatively Successful! The ceiling lamp worked beautifully for a few days, before some of the LED lights went out.

Suggestions: It’s advisable to use a resistor as well, that’s what i had omitted.